August 17, 2019

Full moon blessings.Aquarius moon in 22 degrees with the sun and venus also in 22 degrees of Leo. I went direct at 7:29 am.

I have felt this moon for days, seen it creep into my life in ways i didn't expect or was prepared for. Isn't that how it always is? You feel prepared for the energy and it will surprise you on how it shows its face in your life.  

22 is a master number, and  number of divinity, alchemy, intuition, balance, relationships, harmony, life goals/soul purpose, and selflessness. 

This moon is about the release of ego and using your natural gifts to enrich society your life and the world at large. This is  time to walk in confidence, and grace. We need to look to the future and begin to forge a new way. In you own life, but also as a part of the collective.  Leo being of ego, and Aquarius being the...

September 24, 2018

Happy full moon in Aries you beautiful Magickal moon beams🌙
We have a T-square with the Sun, Moon & Saturn. All while chatty Mercury conjunct the Sun in Libra and wounded Chiron conjuncts the moon in Aries. This moon is all about pushing forward, shifting the ideals of what “made” us happy and pursuing the practice of spiritual fulfillement and purpose, instead. We need to be balanced and go in with a clear head. The time is NOW to bury fears and let our soul indulge in true joy. There is also a trine with Saturn and Uranus, this energy is helping the awakening along. For many who have been awakened, it will be deeper down the rabbit hole, and for the collective, more people are waking up. ✨ So, where restriction lied, there is now this harmonious energy giving us a little extra push to pursue our soul purpose and laun...

August 21, 2018

Crystal Ascension in reverse today. 🔮 Use the crystal family to help you achieve a goal. Crystals are amazing spirit companions. Cleanse, assign your crystal a job and take it with you to help your frequency. 🔮 If you need grounding grab a jasper/tourmaline... cleanse and carry it in your pocket. If you want connection with the guides: Palo Santo an Angelite or kyanite and assign it the job to help with that connection. 🔮 Often, we don’t acknowledge that crystals are quite literally living, so bless up brothers and sisters.... use the crystal kingdom to attune you to the secrets of the universe. ✨ 

#moonlightsapothecary #cryatals #tarotreadersofinatagram #tarot #oracle  

August 20, 2018

✨ Okay ✨ Happy Monday. This week if looks like we are coming to an end in terms of some unhealthy relationships/groups/communities.✨ We can’t hold on to this, because it’s time for us to move into our own unique divine light. ✨ It looks like this is a relationship that isn’t healthy anymore, toxic even. I even see some work place scenarios. Wrapping this up will create space for new beautiful things for the universe to bring us. To honor yourself, you have to do what’s right for you. ✨ It’s not always right to keep certain things around just because it’s comfortable. How will you grow if you don’t trim away the dead leaves? ✨ Focus in your light. Focus on self love and get prepared to walk into what’s right for you. 💗

#aphrodite #goddess #moonlightsapothecary #tarot #tarotreadersofinatagram #theend #toxicrelationships...

August 1, 2018

July 31, 2018

✨This Weeks reading✨ July 30, 2018- August 5, 2018💥Success! You have made some movement and have completed what you have been inching towards. Where there were barriers, you skipped right over and now you soaking in the moment. You can breathe easy... for a moment. But you are too busy looking at what’s next. You may be leading the way and making plans for larger leaps in the next month and a half. Advice right now is to stay or become balanced and prepare your next move.. but don’t strive ahead just yet.✨ This week your finishing out the last details of this project. Stand tall, you should be proud. Acknowledge the accomplishment, and stand firm on your own two feet. Your success is being watched right now after all, and will bring bigger blessings in the future if you play the energy right. ✨This could be a career/ f...

March 19, 2018

   I always feared my “shadow side”. It drew up demonic images that resided within, and if you awakened her, she would be uncontrollable. My fear was I wouldn’t be able to come back from this. What if doing shadow work takes me under and overpowers me? Is there a murderer lurking beneath the surface? Or maybe I go crazy and abandoned everything I have worked so hard for? I have spent so long working on myself and getting to this mental space. I have kept positive, kept light, sacrificed, transformed, healed, and tucked away the parts of me that were less than desirable! So why would I want to release this box of darkness that may pull me into her current? What I found was the complete opposite.

    When the total lunar eclipse came at dawn, the sun peeked over the earth, kissing the moon, I was in ritual calling out to t...

January 29, 2018

Hello! I am so excited for this eclipse and this is why.....

  This is a rare moon, it hasn’t happened in Over 150 years. It is a super Leo full blue blood moon in 11 degrees, with the sun in Aquarius in 11 degrees. We are also in an 11 year! Master number 11 is a conscious, spiritual number connected with our intuitive side and consciously intertwines us all. The frequency of this number can assist in reaching enlightenment, activate your psychic gifts and is a catalyst for change for the greatest good. Lunar eclipses offer a potent time frame and you will continue to see this energy serge through your life for at least 6 months. (Where as a normal full moon will be about a month cycle of energy.) A blue moon is the second full month within the same calendar month, and is a very magickal wish moon to cast with. If all...

December 31, 2017

Moon in Cancer/ Sun in Capricorn

Sun, Saturn and Venus all in Powerful Capricorn.

    To begin 2018, we dive deep into this emotional Cancer super moon! Relationships are highlighted now. This energy is good for healing relationships, so be prepared to hammer out old negative patterns in you love life (or ideas of love) that are outdated. It is time to have those uncomfortable conversations you have put off. You may be surprised at how receptive your partner (or self-talk) is at this time. It is time to upgrade your connection's with lovers and friends. If you are single, this is an ideal moon to attract new relationships into your life, and build your new love. A warning to not letting nostalgia of past failed relationships creep into your mind and wreck your mood and twist your perception of the future. Cancer ener...

October 23, 2017

Life is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. This week it look like your on a high note (or climbing that way.) We are reestablishing balance in our life, (thanks to your Libra moon that just pasted). 

Community, friendship or family are breathing life into recent situations that have been very difficult for you, or areas in your life you feel you just fell short. It's this support system, connectedness and emotional deepness that is pulling you out of that funk from the last week or two. The bonds of friendship and/or belonging thicken.

Truth is coming forward this week. Spiritual truth, truth from situations, or someone point blank telling you the truth. You are able to illuminate troublesome areas we were struggling with and able to access deeper levels of wisdom. This is the repeated failed patterns that you cont...

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