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About Moonlights Apothecary

“Enchanted Products Crafted from Nature & Energy”

What We Do

We make old fashioned Cold Process Soap, Bath Brews, Body Products & Spell Kits. Each of our products is mindfully crafted to enhance the life of client. Jordyn  magically enchants our products with crystals, energy, intentions and blessings; alongside calling upon the metaphysical properties of the oils and herbs that are used to create every product. Our vision is to transform and elevate people’s lives through the love, light & energy we place in our products. We believe is that everything is made of energy, and reality is fluid. By aligning intentions with the metaphysical properties of the natural material, the products are transformed from ordinary into enchanted and extraordinary products to help. 

Soap & Bath Brews


They choose to make their soap from organic, vegan oils, butters and essential oils that are eco-friendly. This means none of the products contain palm oil or fragrance oil. (See below). We charge the water we use with crystals and most of our soaps cure with crystals as well, absorbing the energy.

      Cold process soaps take 4-8 weeks to make. A lot of energy goes into making our soap from start to finish. First, the batter is made, a combination of our oils and lye solution to temperature and then mix in our essential oils and mica’s. Jordyn does energy work on the oils and color before it is ever mixed into the batter. Then they pour and design the soap into the molds.  Then the loaf of soap sits 2-7 days before it will be un-mold and cut into bars. Once they are cut, they are put in the cure. For the enchanted bars Jordyn does energy work on each bar while in the cure as well). 

The curing takes 4-8 weeks to completely go through the saponification process. The excess moisture will evaporate and the bar becomes harder, while the lye will no longer be corrosive because it dissipates. The mixture of lye and oil creates soap.

It is a long process, but the outcome is a beautiful, magical bar of soap. We created a recipe that will add moisture to your skin, and still cleanse you. Unlike the bars at the grocery stores, those are actually made from detergent and stripe away necessary skin oils. (See soap description on what each soap is for)

Bath Brews

Each on of our bath brew's are enchanted and made for a specific

magical purpose. A combination of salts, essential oils, herbs, crystals and energy work is what makes these luxurious magical bath soaks so special. Great before rituals or in place of one.  See individual descriptions for more details.

Tonics Tinctures

Carefully crafted alcohol based tonics and herbs to create a magickal product to shit energy through the plant medical and metaphysical.


Essential oils aligned with the metaphysical, crystals and herbs to create a a magickal potion. can be used on the body, as a dressing oil or an enchantment.

What Moonlight's Apothecary

does not & will not use

fragrance oils

Why? There are no metaphysical or medicinal benefits from fragrance oil. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as medicine and in magick. Moonlight's Apothecary wants their products to be as closely aligned with nature as possible, and fragrance oil's are known to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

palm oil

Why? Simple. We don’t support deforestation, habitat degradation, or want to contribute to climate change and bringing many species to the close to extinction. Palm oil is widely used by all industries from snack foods to bath and body products. We just want to leave the planet in better condition, while raising the vibration of our planet, that means not contributing to the mass destruction of the earth to save a few dollars.

Pre-Made Melt & Pour Soap Base

Why? In order to have complete quality control over what type of oils and butters are used, we will never use melt and pour bases. The beauty of organic cold process soap is having control over the best ingredients, and being able to design the soap from start to finish. Melt and pour products are already cured soap that you melt and pour, often using undesirable oils.




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