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  • Jordyn Copeland

Weekly Reading October 9-15, 2017

This week you will be feeling salty about someone in the work/hobby/ or passion arena. This person is taking credit for your ideas, hard work or being a copy cat. This is frustrating, but do not do anything rash to cut them down to size. Just keep forging ahead on your path with all your innovative ideas and continue to do YOUR thing. Your passion and hard work shines through and you can bet your not the only one noticing this person mirroring you. In fact, your peers also pick up on this and loose respect for that individual.

Don't fret darling , integration speaks to me in two ways! 1.) Don't focus on these energy vampires! This person isn't creative, so no worries, they will NEVER grow to your potential, or even come close. Continue to enrich the lives of others just by doing what love! Keep evolving in your own practice. Plus, you know you are doing something right when duplicates appear.

2.) Look to your higher self and spirit team this week! Be ready for omens and messages to guide you along this path. I see a big leap of expansion in consciousness. Keep in sync with the seasons, moon cycles and earth to keep grounded and gain inspiration.

If you are the latter, just know there is a reason for their success. Don't echo someone's hard work....We all have our own gifts and talents. When you force something inauthentic, to the world, it looks a lot like a toddler in their mothers high heels. It's adorable they try so hard to be grown up like mom, big they have A LOT of growing to do before they will ever fill those shoes. By the time they do, they are out of style! 

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