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  • Jordyn Copeland

​Happy New Year 2018 and Full Moon!!

Moon in Cancer/ Sun in Capricorn

Sun, Saturn and Venus all in Powerful Capricorn.

To begin 2018, we dive deep into this emotional Cancer super moon! Relationships are highlighted now. This energy is good for healing relationships, so be prepared to hammer out old negative patterns in you love life (or ideas of love) that are outdated. It is time to have those uncomfortable conversations you have put off. You may be surprised at how receptive your partner (or self-talk) is at this time. It is time to upgrade your connection's with lovers and friends. If you are single, this is an ideal moon to attract new relationships into your life, and build your new love. A warning to not letting nostalgia of past failed relationships creep into your mind and wreck your mood and twist your perception of the future. Cancer energy holds onto memories, in the realm of love, this has no place when you are manifesting. Think of what you want, not what you fear.

Psychic abilities are a HUGE focus this cycle. Intuition is ON FIRE. Psychic Cancer paired with powerul Capricorn and the grand water trine want you to take action and try to develop these abilities. Trust these insights, and that the cosmos are enhancing our natural ability! This is really a window of opportunity to get on the speed track of busting your clairvoyant gifts wide open! Cozy down with rose tea, burn the mugwort and pull out your runes, tarot cards and crystal ball to enhance your natural ability.

Harness your creative power and passions with this moon. What makes you tick? Want to take your hobby to the next level? The universe is backing you RIGHT NOW to take those first steps. Paint the future on your canvas for what you want to grow in 2018. What is your vision for your life? Manifest it now. Let’s not soak in delusion of becoming someone new when the clock strikes 12. Instead, Plant your seeds and utilized this potent cosmic energy.

Rituals & Spells: Healing for Relationships, Attracting Relationships, Psychic, Passion Manifestation, 2018, Life Vision

Magic Tip For Cancer Full Moon: Harvest tears of joy to use in your magic this moon cycle. Especially good for manifestation.

Love and Light!

Jordyn Copeland

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