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  • Jordyn Copeland

Full Moon Aquarius 22 Degrees

Full moon blessings.Aquarius moon in 22 degrees with the sun and venus also in 22 degrees of Leo. I went direct at 7:29 am.

I have felt this moon for days, seen it creep into my life in ways i didn't expect or was prepared for. Isn't that how it always is? You feel prepared for the energy and it will surprise you on how it shows its face in your life.

22 is a master number, and number of divinity, alchemy, intuition, balance, relationships, harmony, life goals/soul purpose, and selflessness.

This moon is about the release of ego and using your natural gifts to enrich society your life and the world at large. This is time to walk in confidence, and grace. We need to look to the future and begin to forge a new way. In you own life, but also as a part of the collective. Leo being of ego, and Aquarius being the collective.... we need to harness our natural talent for the bigger picture. You are a divine being and have unique gifts, unravel them to heal.

Venus in Leo is highlighting areas in our life that need compassion and love. We are craving harmony. There has been a separation among light workers, witches, healers and mystics that isn't working. In a sense a part of ourselves has to die in order to release the dark side of ego. (Of course you can never get rid of your entire ego. this is a journey and takes time to shape.)

Right now we have a disease in our society running rapid of separating out selves from others that don't fall in line with our political view,belief system or opinions. Social media is a powerful tool that is being misused. Boundaries are one thing but a declaration that "you can delete me if......", and then wrapping conditions around if you are willing to offer "friendship"to a group of people only if they fall in line. This intentionally places a wedge between you and union. This does a lot more than separate you from a few people that you were triggered by on the internet. This separation from the collective, from love, from light, from source, from healing, from compassion but mostly from growth. Separation doesn't serve you, it diminishes you. You. Your gifts, your goals, your soul. That is what they want. Suppressing and separating us from one another is a tacit to create smaller, weaker groups.. who will at some point also be affected by separation again. I am in no way saying be tolerant of hate. I am saying don't consciously remove yourself from the collective. Help heal it. We are light workers. We have a responsibility. Let us learn from one another of unconditional love. We are all mirrors of another. Your intolerance of another is an intolerance you have in yourself. Shed light on the shadows... not hate.

Now we forge the future, together. As we enter the age of Aquarius...Ask.... What brings us together?

Relationships in all forms are being highlighted, from casual connections to lovers. There is a restructuring going on in the cosmos, which affects not only your relationship with close love ones, friends and family.... but also to your community, your state, your country and the earth. It is easy to get caught in a cycle of fear. This is how our society is designed to work, you cant turn on the news with out receiving the worst side of mankind on a daily basis. Fear suppresses your divinity and gifts. It paralyzes you. This moon is going to help you break these chains. The energy is electric and quick. Sit down with your thoughts, and figure out what path are you on right now. Does this make sense for what you actually want or have you been living out a reality of fear and separation. Walk into your power, to shine light on your potential and purpose.

Simple spell to get things moving for you. Cast your circle. Light a candle of white, dressed in eucalyptus (healing) & lavender (peace and happiness). Write (element of air) onto a piece of paper 3 columns Gifts -Separation - Dreams. Write into the gift colon everything you are good at/what you love to do. In the separation column write the negative side of your ego, where you find yourself judging others/self, what pulls down your vibration and where you consciously find yourself separating your self from others. In the last column write what you want. No bs.... like what do YOU REALLY WANT. Write your future. You don't need the details on how to get there. Just write it out. tear the the paper into those three sections. Take the Separation piece and make a declaration that you no longer claim those anymore and burn the paper to ash. As it burns, let it also burn out of you.Take the Gifts paper and read them out loud and place energy into each word. Take this piece and tear the paper to bits and release it to the wind. Let the candle burn down, take any wax remaining with the Dream paper, and put in a little sachet (you can add a amethyst or quartz if you want) and sleep on this for 3 nights- the new moon. This will begin to align you to shift your future into something fruitful.

Blessings to you.

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