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About Jordyn

My name is Jordyn Moon, Owner of Moonlights Apothecary. I am a retired licensed massage therapist, aroma therapist, psychic medium, tarot reader, reiki master and student of shamanic practice. All of those passions combined led me to create Moonlights Apothecary.

I create all of my Products with intention, nature and weave magick through everything I touch. I use essental oils, crystals, herbs, organic oils/butters.. ect. Everything has a very specific purpose. I work through the moon cycles and use moon magick to create a majority of my products. 

I have began having premonitions at the age of 11 & been able to connect to the dead since I was 15. I have been reading tarot and oracle for 10 years. I specilize in helping shift the future through spell work and helping cross over spirits who have not moved into the next dimension. 

Outside of my passion of spell work I am a mother of two gifted daughters. I enjoy weight lifting, hiking, camping, painting, baking and spending time with loved ones.

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