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About Jordyn

My name is Jordyn Copeland, Founder of Moonlights Apothecary. I am a licensed massage therapist, aroma therapist, tarot reader, reiki practitioner and student of shamanic practice. All of those passions combined led me to create Moonlights Apothecary.

I have had psychic insight since I was a child. I had my first premonitions I remember having was when I was 10 years old over tornado that would happen the next day. I told my dad and urged him to clean out under the stair case so we would have shelter when it touched down. He drew the curtains back, and said "It's such a beautiful day.. there isn't any tornado coming now!  The sky will be stormy, Jordyn. Not clear like it is right now. It was just a bad dream!" A tornado did come that night. My parents tossing all of our storage out of the under stair closet to create enough room.


The premonitions progressed and I continually had more, they were always connected to the weather at that time. Then I remember having a premonition of a thousand "Twister" and a tornado doodle written in red marker covering every inch of the sky. My father came home with a co-worker in a shiny little red convertible. His co-worker had Auburn hair, and I thought it was so strange he would come home with this woman none of us had ever met. Nothing happened immediately after that dream, and I didn't want to share this with my parents because I didn't know what it meant and deep down I feared my dad had a girlfriend. Month's later my parents separated upon my mother finding out about an affair my father was having with a co-worker. She moved me and my older brother to Colorado to live with some family, until they reconciled their relationship just for months later. Back in Texas, my parents tried to make life normal for us, and soccer was a family staple. At my parents co-ed indoor soccer game, I went into my fathers wallet to get some candy money. I began to rummage through his wallet and tucked away I found a picture of a red headed woman leaning against a shiny little red convertible car. The dream came rushing back to me! I understood my spiritual gifts didn't stop with forecasting the weather.

Years went by, and my great grandmother on my fathers side passed away when I was 15. We traveled to New Mexico for the wake and funeral. This death was very hard on my dad, he had been very close to Grandma Ortega. I believe he was the favorite grandchild, because he was the first and a male, which is huge in Spanish culture. She had 8 children, close to 20 grandchildren, and too many to count great grandchildren. I didn't remember her much and did not have a connection to her, I had very few, fleeting memories since we moved to Dallas when I was so young, so I wasn't very effected by this loss. After the funeral ceremony we went to my mom's parents house to get some rest. I was washing my face in the bathroom and all the sudden great Grandma Ortega was in the bathroom with me having a conversation! She relayed messages for my family, especially my father. She talked about how happy she was and she was running again. I asked her..."Why are you telling me?! Out of everyone in the family...Why me?" She said to me, "Majita, you have the gift and I am giving you a gift."

I thought I was crazy, so naturally, I went to go tell my parents, so hopefully they would assure me it was all in my head. Actually, I didnt get much reaction, my dad just absorbed what I was saying and seemed concerned. I felt guilty! I didn't mean to upset anyone. Hopefully, they wouldn't bring it up ever again. The next day we went to say our goodbyes to our family before we traveled back to Texas. Everone was at great grandma's cleaning out her apartment. My grandma Patt, my dad's mother, came outside to greet us. My mother nudged me and told me to tell her what great grandma told me. I was on the spot, but I told her everything, shaking from being nervous, and then it followed by her apprehensive glare. She walked into the apartment and returned with a necklace with a post-it note taped on with my name. It was a gold chain with a gold dasiy with teal jems in it. The gift. 

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