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About Jordyn

My name is Jordyn Moon, Owner of Moonlights Apothecary. In 2013 I started making my own toothpaste, deodorants and oil potion perfumes to stay away from all the harsh, unnecessary chemicals you find in beauty and hygiene products in the store. I was a LMT at the time and had spent a semester in culinary school, so creating an alternative came easy to me. I soon began to make cold process soaps and weave my magic through them. 

I am a natural witch and psychic medium,  aroma therapist, psychic medium, tarot reader, astrologer, reiki master, retired LMT, paranormal investigator and student of shamanic practice. I  began having premonitions at the age of 11 & been able to connect to the dead since I was 15. I have been reading tarot and oracle for over a decade. I specilize in helping shift the future through spell work and assisting cross over spirits who have not moved into the next dimension. 

I create all of my Products with pure intention, nature and weave energy through everything I create. I use essental oils, crystals, herbs, organic oils/butters, the moon cycles/ planetary alignments and intuition in my craft. Everything has a very specific purpose. 

I have been a professional psychic since 2017. I have read at some of the biggest psychic fairs in America, and now a majority of my clients I read for online/phone. I also provide readings in my shop. Soon I will offer healings, reiki, cleansing and spell work in my physical shop as well. 


Outside of the shop I enjoy hiking, baking, art, reading, dancing, weight lifting, studying and spending time with my family and friends. 

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