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  • Jordyn Copeland

The Aries Full Moon 🔥🌝

Happy full moon in Aries you beautiful Magickal moon beams🌙 We have a T-square with the Sun, Moon & Saturn. All while chatty Mercury conjunct the Sun in Libra and wounded Chiron conjuncts the moon in Aries. This moon is all about pushing forward, shifting the ideals of what “made” us happy and pursuing the practice of spiritual fulfillement and purpose, instead. We need to be balanced and go in with a clear head. The time is NOW to bury fears and let our soul indulge in true joy. There is also a trine with Saturn and Uranus, this energy is helping the awakening along. For many who have been awakened, it will be deeper down the rabbit hole, and for the collective, more people are waking up. ✨ So, where restriction lied, there is now this harmonious energy giving us a little extra push to pursue our soul purpose and launch new things, big things we wouldn’t let ourselves go after in the past, because we were trying to be practical. Chiron being conjunct moon makes me feel..... as if there is this energy of yes you do need to heal the the unconscious/the fear/ by allowing your spirit and metaphysical self go for it. How can we harness that energy?! Quite literally through ritual and witchcraft. With mercury and the sun in libra its this very beautiful balance of I can go after what I want, talk my way into hearts (through the cosmos) and be charming all the same. Mars being trine to the sun/mercury..... Mars want us to express this! The passion wants to ooze from our veins and out into our reality. It wants us to break free from the boring bondage we’ve subscribed to for our own comfort and fear of what others would think. For most of us it wasn’t even others... it was ourselves saying it wasn’t our path, or it was too far of a goal/dream to make it happen. To sum it all up....NOW, now is the the time to go forward and take our life and put the soul purpose in action. I was talking to my astrology teacher about all this and she also said the north and south nodes are being squared by Uranus. So, this truly is the last call, last call for alcohol. Jk, but it does give that vision of the bar in the last 10 mins of closing time...and you just took two more shots of whiskey.... and you can either call an Uber(smart route), walk home(long route), or drive home and get a DWI and carry all the baggage of this cycle into your future and have to deal with it for the next few years (crazy, stupid and lazy route). What do you choose? 🌙 So what kind of ritual or magick is beneficial for this moon? Fire and air✨ A simple burn ceremony would be preferable with a meditation and some dragons blood resin. Write out all of your desires, that you have put off for ever because you didn’t think you could for whatever reason. What you really want. Then on the other side of the page, write what’s been holding you back and why you haven’t been able to move forward. Really mediate on this. You can use a candle or bonfire for the fire element, put some dragons blood in the paper, wad it up and ask the universe to burn away your fear and help you send out your wish of true desire. 🌙 I also pulled some cards on this full moon. The tick tock tells us we are out of time and need to act now ✨ This card is very Saturn to me. We must break some rules, our own rules, in order to level up and find balance. Don’t worry, you will see this in a concrete way, but you need to set your wheels in motion now. Aries moon magick works fast, so get ready for the fast track baby. We are going on undiscovered land, and you will need to fight through the brush. Take out your magickal marchette out and make your own damn path, no one can tell you yes or no. Only you.

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