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  • Jordyn Copeland

November Full Moon Cycle Reading

I decided to do a moon cycle reading from this full moon in November to the next full moon on December 14,2016. What to expect and kind of energy, lessons and obstacles this next cycle brings us?

This month the theme is nostalgia. Childhood emotions are rekindled and memories reemerge at this time. It is like a lovely blanket of comfort to be wrapped up in, especially as the nights grow longer and colder. This could be triggered by the holidays coming, tasting mom's fresh apple pie and being gathered the fam exchanging old stories during this wonderful time.

Kali comes with a message that there will be birth and death. This shouldn't scare you, it really is a beautiful thing to let go of the old phases and step through a portal of uncharted territory. Don't fight this change, because then this won't be an easy transformation.

Antelope energy is guiding us to be assertive in the decisions that need to be made NOW. Don't put it off any longer, trust in yourself and go with it!

If you are having issues knowing what direction to go, take time to go within for the answers. Mediate on what is best for you at this time. Sacred space is all about your connection to higher self, source and your spirit guides. I feel that you may confuse your self further if you include loved ones opinions on the matter, so listen in your first gut reactions

Summary: You have such fond memories of the past and aren't quite ready to move forward, even though this is exactly what you have been asking for. Past is past, and the future is here. IT IS YOUR TIME to shed the old and really enjoy the new beautiful things that are coming. Take the time to meditate and get clear about what direction to take.

How did this reading feel to you? Does this describe the energy your faced with now? I would love to hear from you!

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