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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Reading 8/21/18

Crystal Ascension in reverse today. 🔮 Use the crystal family to help you achieve a goal. Crystals are amazing spirit companions. Cleanse, assign your crystal a job and take it with you to help your frequency. 🔮 If you need grounding grab a jasper/tourmaline... cleanse and carry it in your pocket. If you want connection with the guides: Palo Santo an Angelite or kyanite and assign it the job to help with that connection. 🔮 Often, we don’t acknowledge that crystals are quite literally living, so bless up brothers and sisters.... use the crystal kingdom to attune you to the secrets of the universe. ✨ 

#moonlightsapothecary #cryatals #tarotreadersofinatagram #tarot #oracle  

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