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  • Jordyn Copeland

Weekly reading October 23-29, 2017

Life is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. This week it look like your on a high note (or climbing that way.) We are reestablishing balance in our life, (thanks to your Libra moon that just pasted). 

Community, friendship or family are breathing life into recent situations that have been very difficult for you, or areas in your life you feel you just fell short. It's this support system, connectedness and emotional deepness that is pulling you out of that funk from the last week or two. The bonds of friendship and/or belonging thicken.

Truth is coming forward this week. Spiritual truth, truth from situations, or someone point blank telling you the truth. You are able to illuminate troublesome areas we were struggling with and able to access deeper levels of wisdom. This is the repeated failed patterns that you continuously attempted and failed or even your shadow aspects that are being revealed. 

Overall: The areas of your life where you have had difficulties are being shown with the help from friends. This is a transitional week where you deepens relationships with self others and spirit. 

Key words: Support system, community, connected, good luck, spiritual guides, streak of good luck, illumination of self, transparency, friends, break through. 

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