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  • Jordyn Copeland

Tarot July 30, 2018- August 5, 2018

✨This Weeks reading✨ July 30, 2018- August 5, 2018💥Success! You have made some movement and have completed what you have been inching towards. Where there were barriers, you skipped right over and now you soaking in the moment. You can breathe easy... for a moment. But you are too busy looking at what’s next. You may be leading the way and making plans for larger leaps in the next month and a half. Advice right now is to stay or become balanced and prepare your next move.. but don’t strive ahead just yet.✨ This week your finishing out the last details of this project. Stand tall, you should be proud. Acknowledge the accomplishment, and stand firm on your own two feet. Your success is being watched right now after all, and will bring bigger blessings in the future if you play the energy right. ✨This could be a career/ family accomplishment. You will be able to see it in the physical world.✨#tarot #oracle #tarotreadersofinstagram #forecast #crystals #witch #witchesofinstagram 

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