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  • Jordyn Copeland

Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Hello! I am so excited for this eclipse and this is why.....

  This is a rare moon, it hasn’t happened in Over 150 years. It is a super Leo full blue blood moon in 11 degrees, with the sun in Aquarius in 11 degrees. We are also in an 11 year! Master number 11 is a conscious, spiritual number connected with our intuitive side and consciously intertwines us all. The frequency of this number can assist in reaching enlightenment, activate your psychic gifts and is a catalyst for change for the greatest good. Lunar eclipses offer a potent time frame and you will continue to see this energy serge through your life for at least 6 months. (Where as a normal full moon will be about a month cycle of energy.) A blue moon is the second full month within the same calendar month, and is a very magickal wish moon to cast with. If all of that isn’t enough, it is also a super moon, with our mother Luna coming 14% closer to us. So she will not only appear bigger, but you will also notice some restlessness, moodiness, mental cycle issues, more intuitive insights, feeling zapped, or more powerful.. etc. Take note of how this is effecting you. This moon being in courageous Leo and will be pushing you to pursue your true passions. This energy is coaxing out your gifts, and opening opportunities to take center stage. Aquarius sun energy is all about helping on a greater global scale, and is urging you to share your knowledge far and wide. This moon pairing with Aquarius sun you will have an emphasis on your potential to utilize your creativity and turn it into a platform to enrich humanity. By sharing your zest and spirit with others, you actually benefit both you, others and on a more universal frequency. It’s time to step up and step out. Soak in this, and walk out in bravery... because the world needs you now and we are ready for you. Claim your light, and shine bright like a diamond. This may sound like a lot, but with both Leo and Aquarius offering us this 11/11 energy you can bet on an incredibly paranormal portal to open up and help manifest your wildest dreams. This can also be an incredible healing moon, if you use this energy to cast out your deep rooted insecurity and replace it by making room to inherit Leo’s intense confident traits. Casting with an eclipse can be tricky because you only have a very limited time to work magick. The eclipse begins at 4:51 Am CST, is at Its total eclipse mark at 7:20 am and last just under 5 minutes. Use it wisely! Although you don’t have to use the eclipse energy, you can still cast or set intentions with just the super blue moon, I always say bigger is better. Have a blessed eclipse moon babies! 

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