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  • Jordyn Copeland

Weekly Tarot 8/14-8/20

Message: “Let your garden grow”

✨Theme: Productiveness

The intensity of the chariot and the grace of the Empress.

✨It seems to be kind of a calm environment this week, almost like that of of the eye of the storm. I do see the time of year within these cards, and the waning moon. There is a creative surge of energy continuously flowing out of us. I feel the fierceness of our souls, I see the universe pushing us and there is this very unconditional love. We're most definitely being affected by the stars and the planets. We just had an eclipse, with another one on the way, AND we just went into a mercury retrograde. These things are making for some whacky energy!✨

✨There is just this…'diving in and getting after it' energy. It’s like, there is finally a fire under our ass, and we are finally able to get done what we’ve meant to get done, without procrastination or excuses. Not only are we capable of accomplishing these big things, but I’m also seeing the ability to balance your domestic responsibilities as well... so nothing is left behind. I keep seeing  a lot of negative talk about the "insane moon energy", and "the universe not giving us a break with the retrograde in between eclipses", and I’m not seeing it in this light. Mainly because I see that the universe is revisiting areas of our life that need review. Things we may have put on the back burner, we are getting this amazing window of opportunity to really push forward with intense energy and really going after these desires with intensity!✨

✨It looks like lots of spiritual downloads happening, and being able to connect with our highest self easily once we begin utilizing this creative energy. Keep being. Keep creating. And keep doing what you do best. I see lots of ideas coming in, and even got the message of “Let Your Garden Grow”. So, nurture these ideas. Grow these ideas. Play with these ideas.🌱 Don't act on anything new until after the retrograde, now is the time to master the ins and outs 

✨Advice: Go for it NOW. Work on it NOW. While you have this surge of energy. Alot is going on, but dont worry you will get it all done.✨

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