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  • Jordyn Copeland

Weekly Tarot 8/7/17-8/13/17

🔮Here is this weeks tarot draw and full moon eclipse draw🔮

🕯This weeks energy is one of a cross roads. It's more of the hard reality of continuing down your current path or taking a leap of faith in order to create change for the life you want. You have a portal with the eclipse, and it feels as these cards serve a warning of now or never (or at least a long while).Try to step away from the unhealthy emotional cogs that keep cycling through your life in different faces. The moon eclipse influence speaks of standing on your own two feet, stepping away from negative influence and owning your power. You are very capable of all the things you want but you have to actually step forward and claim it, otherwise nothing changes. This message may seem ominous, but I feel it as a push from universe to shake up where you have become complacent and utilize the full Moon energy.🕯

✨So ask yourself: What do I want out of my life right now? What cycles are repeating themselves? What leap of faith can I take to move towards what I truly want? What do I keep putting off?✨

💜Remember... your not turning your back on yourself from trying to do better. #tarot #weeklytheme #tarotreadersofinstagram #lunareclipse #fullmoon #witch #aquarius #crystals #sage #starchildtarot

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