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  • Jordyn Copeland

Spiritual Awakening & Becoming Conscious

I knew instantly when pulling this card that it wasn't going to be a reading, but it was time to shed some light to help guide who ever may be waking up at this time.

This card inspired me to write about my knowledge of spiritual awakenings of my personal journey of becoming conscious.

A spiritual awakening is an intense shift of becoming conscious. A remembrance of why you are here and what you are here for. When you go through a spiritual awakening, you gain clarity. There is an understanding of your true purpose, life work and your passions begin to make sense.

Your mind broadens, your views change and your past ‘truth’ collapses. It is my belief, that on some level, it is a choice to have a spiritual awakening. Something simple or life altering can trigger this shift. Once you have gone through this change you will never be the same. You will see more clearly, yet, you will have more questions than ever before.

Downloads of universal information will continue to happen to you when you are in alignment with your awakening. You will, randomly, have lightning fast snippets of truth and comprehension. You wont know where this intelligence came from, but will feel like you have always had them. It is possible, however, to backslide into old thought patterns once you have already had an awakening, and are conscious. The good news is, it is easier to crawl back out of those barriers, since your soul will remind you again of the truth. You need to trust your soul and what feels right. The soul is the inner compass and will not lead you astray.

It does not matter what path you’ve walked before. Once you have experienced waking up, you won’t view separation of religion the same and you won’t denounce any other belief system. You will come to understand that all religions are interconnected and ultimately, the prophets were trying to teach the same thing: Enlightenment. Spiritual awakenings can happen in a blink of an eye or can take years; this is up to the individual.

Do you think you may be going through this shift, but don’t know how to be sure? Here are a few things that will begin to happen during or once an awakening is underway:

You lose friends

You will lose the support of friends and family that were once close to you and understood you. They won’t understand where you are coming from and will have difficulty establishing a connection with you. Seeing eye to eye with you will become a challenge and you may even have a hard time having a meaningful conversation with this person. You may notice that the conversations are mostly one sided of them talking at you, rather than it being a meaningful exchange. You may feel disinterested in the content of the conversation, that, in the past, would have captured your attention.

This may sound like a negative thing, but really, it is a part of the growth process. Most times these relationships will slowly fade away, rather than be an erupt ending. This is because your energetic frequency is different now. Your soul wants to be around similar energies, and you will attract different people into your life. You will begin to notice that your social circle will completely change.

Many of my religious friends will battle with themselves during this stage. When they continue to hang around people they no longer energetically connect with, they once again change to their past vibration. This is why the awakening can take years. That is why the company you keep is crucial.


You will begin to see an abundance of omens and signs that keep reappearing to you. Usually it is something symbolic to you personally. Often time’s synchronicity is confused with coincidence, but coincidence do not exists since we live in a conscious universe. Through these signs the universe is communicating with you. The more signs you see the better!