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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 10-14-16

Today spirit came through strong in this reading.... actually just completely took over⚡️spirit had a stronger message than I could convey myself. I just sat back and channeled. If you are reading this... it is meant for you. Yes you.

Remember what you are, remember who you are and remember why you are here. Earth angel... you have a mission. You have already made an agreement before you came here. Wake up and do your work✨

Always stay here in the moment, in the present, stay right there and don't look to far ahead. Enjoy this space. 💗

Don't ever stop dreaming. Don't limit yourself. Your potential is endless, don't put a cap on what is possible. Your dream... it's possible if your willing to put the work in. Keep reaching for your dream. Feel it now. That ties in with The Present.... FEEL IT NOW. As if you have it. Keep your faith strong. Be who you were meant to be. Don't let society tell you it's not possible...


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