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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw With Meditation 10-13-16

Today I pulled an intuition and grounding card. Turtle warns us about the need to stay grounded currently, while The Pythia tells us to follow our inner compass. The message is cut and dry so instead of going into a lengthy explanation, I am going to give you a grounding and third eye exercise.

🔺Grounding - to stay grounded today and get rid of residual energy you are picking up.. try this.

If possible go out doors and place your feet in some grass or soil. Imagine the soles of your feet have thick cords and are have them break through the earth. See them as roots, reaching for the center of our plant. Once you reach the very middle wrap the cord around the core. Pull up all of that beautiful earth energy into your feet. Imagine you body soaking in the new vibration and know you are being grounded. I can usually feel my feet have a very interesting sensation once I do this. You will feel a connection to Mother Earth.

🔺Third 👁 Eye Meditation: this is a 5-10 minute meditation. Sit down, get comfortable, play music, burn incense, hold crystals, drink tea... whatever gets you in that head space. I like to use amethyst or Quartz when I work with the pineal gland. Get still in your mind and imagine your third eye as a wheel of purple light. See it moving clockwise slowly at first. Once you feel this steady motion, try to speed up the spinning until it is rotating faster. You will feel the energy of your third eye become "open", or even heat in this area. 💜

These are two short practices that will give you peace of mind and a tune you with nature and your higher self. ✨Please try these and let me know what you think!

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