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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 10-11-16

Energy: Knight of Cups

You romanticize all of the new ideas coming to you now. You have thought quite fondly of all of the recent offerings that have appeared recently. Weather involving love, friendship or business, you rely on another. You count on this person to guide, advise, lead, or assist you on this journey. This path you are taking is a very personal one, therefore the reliance you put on others is just a distraction from what you should really be focusing on.

Advice: Bast

In order for you to succeed you need to loose the comfort of the person you have been counting on. So far, it has only held you back. You need to take control and empower yourself!

If you really want to move forward then you need to stop looking for others opinion and just walk into your own right. Have fun with this. Independence is a gift that will grow your confidence and your self love. Even in relationships, we need to learn who we truly are to give our best side of our self. Sometimes that means being alone.

With setting a quick intention of connection of everyone and everything collectively, lighting of GODDESS incense and the crackling of the yarrow burning over the coals, and asking my guides to step forward to help me read the cards for today...

All of the information came quickly to me. I soon realized that I too am guilty of putting off my tasks and dreams waiting for someone or something to push me along. I ask James(my husband), my mom, friends and even my 6 year old daughter for their opinion on things. Why? Is it that I want some reassurance I am making a good choice of buying the lavender lace bell shirt that just went on sale? Or for bigger things... Do I need my mothers approval over new things in my business I am about to launch?

We are all guilty of searching for a sign revealing our decisions are sound.

Sometimes we just need to keep things to our self and reveal what we have accomplished once it has done. If you have too many people pushing their views onto you... it is hard to know what is authentic. So today I challenge you to be truly independent. Get done what you need to get done. Don't ask what others thoughts on it is... and go with your instincts. Use all of the creativity you already have. You are a well of love and light. Let it flow.

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