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  • Jordyn Copeland

Weekly Draw October 9-15

Good Morning Everyone!!I hope you enjoy your week.

The moon revels that things this week are looking a little clouded. You have questions on how are you going to make it from point A to point B. I see you are running on blind faith in this dream or in your dire need. You are producing a lot of wishes and prayer that you are sending out into the universe. There are a few things that have you a bit worried. I kind of feel like this maybe even tied into your romantic life. I just feel a seer confusion energy lingering during the first part of the week paired with some hidden emotions. My best advice for this week is follow your gut feelings! When you your intuition shows up in a situation, there is a reason. Always follow what your soul's compass.

Justice shows that a balance tips in your favor in the mid to second part of this week. You now have the upper hand. I can see truth coming to the surface. The confusion of this week will be settled and you will finally gain the clarity you have been seeking. You will get the peace of mind you yearned for. If you are involved with any legal matters it looks like they will begin to be resolved.

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