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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 10-7-16

All of the readings lately have one thing in common... CHANGES ARE A COMIN'.

Today's energy is Embrace Change reversed.

You are resisting necessary change. Things can't stay the same. This just isn't an option anymore.

FORCEOr maybe your trying to change right now, and it's not 'the time'. It isnt going to happen how you want because what you want contradicts what you need. Why are you being so controlling?

Let's look a little deeper...

What are you scared of? The seasons change each year with a beautiful flow. The moon waxes and wanes in and out effortlessly. The tides of the ocean go high and then retreat each day. The universe understands a graceful transition. You need to learn how to grow into this next phase, peacefully. Use nature as your guide.

Advice of today is the Maiden.

Enjoy the present. Embrace you inner child and understand the beauty that is life. Things won't be the same... yes, that is true. Does that mean you can't enjoy it? No! It's not happening fast enough?!


Stop it..and look around you!

Feel the joy at this stage and see the blessings all around you. Everything is new to a child. Their eyes light up✨ and see the world in such a light that, literally, everything is absolute magic. Embrace this. Let things happen in divine timing. Don't rush it and quit digging your heels into the past.

Did this resonate with you in some way? Please comment below or share with someone you think would benefit from this message.

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