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Our Soaping Process

New things coming to the shop soon....

This is one of soap batters freshly poured into the mold. With our cold process soap that we make it is timely but worth the wait.

First we heat the oil/butters together, as well as get the lye solution prepared. Working with lye is dangerous and we take safety precautions, so we done burn off a hand... or you know... blow up our house. Once we get both the oil and lye to the same temperature we mix them together until they "trace".

After we make the soap batter, we add the colorants and essential oils.

Then the fun part!

Designing how the soap will look. We only have a short time frame to work before the batter becomes too cool to manage.

Then we pour and set the soap in the mold for 48-72 hours before we unmold the brick. At this time we have to cut the log into bars. Revealing what the soap look likes is my favorite part because each bar and pattern is unique and can never be replicated. Each cut is revealing the art that was blindly made, and trust me 2-3 days I have to wait seems like a month! All I want to do is slice the loaf and examine the beauty of each bar.

We set the bars into the cure and wait 4-8 weeks before they will be ready to use. By the end of the cure process there will be no more lye in the soap, the saponification is complete. From here we package, label and send out these bars to you once they are purchased.

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