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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 9-27-16

TUESDAY 9-27-2016

There has been a completion of some kind recently, and the cycle is now done. You need to listen to your inner wisdom to move in a direction that will best suit you.

Two major cards show me a transition is in progress. The World highlights that life will never be the same. Perhaps it's the knowledge you recently gained is the reasoning behind why you have internally/spiritually shifted. Your opinions are different. Your views are different. YOU are different, and things can never go back to "normal".

Remember that everything is always changing, once you learn the lesson you were meant to learn, you move on to the next phase.

Fire Elemental guides us with a message to flow with this changes. Go your own way, and do what truly makes you happy. I can also see that the recent change will either build you or break you. So choose wisely with this new cycle, leave the past behind and follow what feels right within yourself. Deep down you already know the answer.

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