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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 9-6-16

Our friendships from past are bubbling up today. Which is actually pretty typical in a Mercury retrograde. You may be evaluating why and where this friendship went wrong or changed so drastically. You are reviewing all of the damage that had been done and seeing if this relationship is even salvageable.

As for your current friendships, there is a transition in a relationship that needs to happen in order to survive, and there is some resistance on either or both accounts. This union will never be the same. Deep down you know this but it's scary to think the comfort of this friendship is changing.... so your sticking your claws into this person and repeating patterns that no longer serve you or this friendship. It is important to remember that everything in life goes through phases 🌷🌞🍂❄️ so let let this flow naturally.

Squirrel 🐿 is telling you to get prepared for these big shifts in these friendships now. Old ones may resurrect, current ones may fade... It's important to prepare your mind for this change and accept it. Do what's best for you. After all friendships are meant to make you the best version of your self... So if they don't recognize this and move forward with or without this person. #mercuryretrograde #dailydraw #dailytarot #oracle #friendship


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