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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 10-3-16

I can see the hard work and effort you have been putting in to achieve your goals. Even if this is just paying your bills. Today, on this lovely Monday, you just aren’t feeling it. This could be related to your work, school or a personal project. The advice today is to rest. While you may have strict plans on your self to get something accomplished, you need to save your energy. Don’t beat yourself up for not feeling it today. What happens if you don’t take cues from your mind and body? You will burn your self out and then your passion (or tolerance depending on the work you do) will be spread thin.

If you must finish a deadline today… Do it and then give yourself the allowance of downtime to re-coop. Take a long lunch, read a book or (if you can) even call in and have a mental health day.

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