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  • Jordyn Copeland

Weekly Tarot 9/26/16- 10/2/16

Today I was told by spirit to read for the week rather than just the day.

Weekly Draw 9/26 - 10/2

I see that there needs to be some emotional healing for this week. There have been some blows to the self-esteem, your self-confidence. Everything is out of sorts. There is some confusion that is deep rooted within you that is continuously bubbling up that you are trying to find the source of. This attitude has kind of a


energy behind it.

The cause of why you are probably so out of balance at this time. I can see this week is has a string of very different events than normal that take place. I also sense glimpses of hope occurring within you and your view is shifting from a negative to a hopeful mindset.

I asked for Goddess support and advice for this week and Goddess Sedna came through. She is about infinite supply. “You are supplied for today and all your tomorrows.” I can see that what is happening right now is setting you up for the future. I see an interactive web. This is showing me that everything is connected and working together, even in the unfortunate emotions/days, it comes full circle and all has a role to play. All of the imbalance and insecurities will make sense soon on WHY this has happened. Trust in the process and allow yourself to heal. In the long run it is so you can evolve into what you are meant to do in the near future. Places you became complacent are highlighted. It will all make sense soon. Right now focus on you balancing out areas of your life that have been neglected and the rest will follow suit.

You can’t have sunshine everyday… somedays you also need a thunderstorm to balance out the environment. The rain nourishes the earth but the sun gives the plants purpose.

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