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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 9-18-16

Today we are struck with inspiration and want to move forth without much thought. This could be a new endeavor as a hobby, planning a trip, an interesting situation presenting it self, business idea, a romantic interest.. ect. We are ready to dive into this new obsession. Plain and simple. The risks are large and we aren't thinking about what consequences could occur. We romanticize this ideal and can't wait a second longer. 

The reversed fool shows us how reckless this decision truly is. It is a message of: quite literally, acting foolish (if we decide to proceed). Think things through and make a plan. Spontaneity in this case will not work in your favor. Yes I know your passionate and want it now... But if you map out your urgency it will work in your best interest in the future. Not to mention the bullet your dodging by not feeding into your immediate gratification. 

 Crystals selected by my six year old daughter today 🌺. 

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