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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 9-17-16

There is absolutely no holding you back today. You have quite a bit of momentum behind you in your dreams, and you ARE keeping faith.  

 I can see in two cards saying now is the time to manifest since you are in such an amazing frame of mind. Something was left behind and you are healed from this either emotionally or mentally. 

I see your intentions are focused on only positive things and maybe with the moon energy last night you released what was holding you back. I  can see your courage, hope, determination, and mystical energy and it's a recipe for success. 

 This reading has my heart chakra wide open and so full of love for each person who these cards come in contact with. I am so excited for everyone and all of the beauty that is coming NOW!!! 

I want  to hear if this resonated with you! Thank you to the full moon and eclipse the energy has really shifted. Blessings to all. ✨

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