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  • Jordyn Copeland

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Daily Draw 9-16-16

Today's drawing I wanted to go into more of the energy of what the eclipse and full moon are offering up today. The cards definitely delivered on all fronts. It's even more magnificent than I could of imagined. 

Wow! With the Pisces lunar eclipse it is bringing forth so much "knowing". The intuition in you is being heightened and allowing you to see the truth. This full moon energy with the help of the eclipse is a portal and it is bringing the death of something you have been harboring and the birth of some change that is happening within you. Definitely a spiritual shift is happening here. Looks like perspectives are broadening and you feel more connected to the divine and are gaining all this amazing insight from your higher self. Little flashes of epiphanies coming in⚡️like lightening. Write those down so you won't forget... They come quick and leave even quicker. 

You are very sensitive right now. Maybe literally sensitive or maybe empath-wise.... You just feel more 'intune' with everything at this time. It can be overwhelming if normally you sweep these kind of emotions under the rug. Now that we can feel this shift and it CAN NOT be ignored. Embrace this! Huge changes are here and are happening. If you resist it you WILL feel crazy... Once you accept and acknowledged this you will be enlightened by this energy and move fluidly through this upgrade. 

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