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  • Jordyn Copeland

Bakken Pipeline Peace Meditation

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow evening, Thursday September 8, 2016, I am organizing a meditation over the Bakken Pipeline issue over the Native American land. Looking for all the focused energy, prayer, vibes, love, light and meditation to be sent to the Natives land. The more energy we offer the more of an impact we can make.

We are not gathering physically. Just as we can not physically be there for the protest. We are gathering in spirit with focused intention, prayer and meditation. Together we can make an impact. The more bright souls on his matter the better and the more of a difference we can make.

Focus on the protection of the land. The protection of the protesters. Sending love, light and energy to this situation and the resolve for the greatest good. It doesn't matter what religion or spiritual beliefs you feel may separate you from this. If you are comfortable praying: pray. If you are comfortable meditating: meditate. If your comfortable casting: cast..... There is no right or wrong way to send positive energy and love. This issue needs a lot of attention and light. Do what feels right in your soul! Anything you can contribute will make an impact so please take the time to help change things.

In the bible it says when 2 or more gather in prayer it becomes more powerful. Groups have gathered for meditation in cities for peace and it has reduced crime significantly. Covens would cast spells together and they would be more potent than a single practitioner. All of the belief systems have one thing in common: When multiple people gather with focused intension change happens faster!

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