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  • Jordyn Copeland

Black Moon 9-30-16 Daily Draw

The status quo no longer comforts you,you yearn for something much larger. Something that will nourish the soul. Have patience in these findings of your true purpose. While your trying to balance your everyday tasks/job, it almost feels like torture because you are SO done with this phase. You are plain ready for the new age and readily awaiting to start the next journey. You look back at all the time you have toiled away on efforts that never filled you on a soul level. It was all very surface wasn't it? It's okay. That was then, and you are here now. That is the first step. I can see you seeking your true gifts and searching your soul for a different direction.

Now ask the universe to reveal your soul purpose. The answer may have been under your nose the whole time. It is something that has always lived inside of you since you were a child (and before birth). You are ready for growth and ready to live in your full potential.

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