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  • Jordyn Copeland

Daily Draw 9-9-16

Daily Draw9-9-9(2016) 🔮 Today I pulled The Magician and The Star! What a magical duo. So today is telling you to MANIFEST✨. In BOTH cards they are symbols for manifesting and transformation. There is some emotional healing and spiritual renewal happening. The cosmic energy of 999 has given us a portal to leave behind karmic patterns and step into a powerful manifestation. So wishes will be granted at this time. Get clear about what no longer serves you and rid your self of that karma. Then write down what you want to manifest and visualize and feel what it will be like once you receive it🕯. 9 Pm would be a perfect time to perform this to continue this wonderful 9 energy. Root Chakra ❤️ is telling us we may have a blockage here Are you living or are you surviving? A lot of times conditionings from childhood on money can keep this chakra out of balance. Lets reverse it! Let those ideas go and adopt a new perspective. "I am worthy, I am abundant, money and all my needs flow to me effortlessly". This chakra is all about survival and basic necessities (food, water and shelter). Give thanks for all you have and all that is coming to you. #dailydraw #rootchakra #oracle #tarot #amythest #moonlightsapothecary #themagician #thestar

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