November 18, 2016

I love when this card appears ❤️️

The World signifies victory and the completion of something. You finally have learned an important lesson and are applying all of the wisdom you gained along your journey. You have applied so much energy into this (project, passion, relationship?) and the pay off is great✨ Wonderful things are happening right now, embrace these and...... REMEMBER: With endings come beginnings, so cheers to your success and get ready for the next cycle.

November 3, 2016

What beautiful energy these cards bring🌈 Emotional fulfillment!!! Love, laughter, and family(or friends)... what more can we ask for? There is celebrations in order. .

Are you excited for the upcoming holiday season?

Getting to visit with loved ones?

Getting some beautiful unexpected news?!

That is what today is about. Embrace everything, love hard, and celebrate the little things. Life is beautiful. ❤️ #love #family #emotions #celebrate #news #crystals #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #dailytarot #holidays #positivevibe #happilyeverafter #silverlining

November 1, 2016

It is like you are leaping or going one step ahead of yourself right now. I see you trying to move forward in new ideas, but you are still learning the material. You have a strong desire to become 'the noble knight, but you are still fumbling with your sword, all while you are trying to learn how to ride your horse as you trying to move along this path. ⚔️ 

While it is true that you have wonderful ideas, gather yourself before you begin to move forward with them. You first must be a student in order to become a teacher. 

October 20, 2016

While shuffling all of these cards popped out before I could even attempt to pull any. I absolutely love when spirit does all the work for me, and know that animals have a very important message for us today.

Pelican shows us that we are harboring some hurt or anger. What is haunting your mind? Your attention is being stifled away to this situation or person. Hawk reminds us  that these emotions need to be released so you can focus on what is really important. Set your intentions.

Owl appears to tell you to follow the synchronicity you are being given right now. If you are having difficulties on where your priorities should lay, watch for these little signs and they will guide you in the right direction. What keeps appearing? Even in the most unlikely sequence of events! Pay attention to these signs. *A few ways the unive...

October 19, 2016

You are confused on what path to take in the future. You feel stuck on where your focus or goals should be. Questions of "what will be the most beneficial direction for me to take?" I can feel worry of wasting your time on something that won't be worth while. I can see you have put a lot of your dreams on the back burner. 

Rhiannon is here to give advice of weather positive or negative, you manifest the outcome. Maybe you chalked up your dreams to unattainable, not the right time or unrealistic. You cut your self short when you cut your self down like this. There is a reason you have these desires after all. What feels good to you? What feels right? This is what you should be putting your energy into. The future is closer than you think, so have a plan. Visualize and get clear on what you truly want and need right now.

October 17, 2016

In order to make all of those large strives you have been planning for, you also need to be spiritually alined. I see a lot of momentum behind you, and you have strong intention of where want to end up.

So, with all of this drive right now, make sure to connect with your higher self and get clear about your path. Things will be easily sailing once you clear any spiritual blockages. The end result will connect you with your true purpose and how your goals will be met. 

October 12, 2016

Ixchel (ISH-shell) is all about healing. She is giving a message that physically, emotionally, situationally or spiritually, healing is occurring today. This c

October 11, 2016

Energy: Knight of Cups

You romanticize all of the new ideas coming to you now. You have thought quite fondly of all of the recent offerings that have appeared recently. Weather involving love, friendship or business, you rely on another. You count on this person to guide, advise, lead, or assist you on this journey. This path you are taking is a very personal one, therefore the reliance you put on others is just a distraction from what you should really be focusing on. 

Advice: Bast

In order for you to succeed you need to loose the comfort of the person you have been counting on. So far, it has only held you back. You need to take control and empower yourself!

If you really want to move forward then you need to stop looking for others opinion and just walk into your own right. Have fun with this....

October 10, 2016

The moon revels that things this week are looking a little unclear. You have questions on how are you going to make it from point A to point B. I see you are

October 6, 2016

I literally could not stop pulling cards this morning. I just knew the message was complex today. Once I got all the cards out on the table, it couldn't be more clear....

For today's energy I pulled the death card. There are so many changes that are taking place right now. You're shedding old skin and shaking your bones out to work through these life shifts. 💀

What needs to be embraced here is foresight of the future of what you truly want and what fuels you? Your passion⚡️. Do you find yourself thinking about the stepping stones on how to arrive to the desired destination? WELL......STOP IT!

You need to let the universe take care of the details. See the bigger picture... If you end goal is to be a rail road owner/ conductor , then see yourself driving the train! Don't think about how much each rail will cost and go out a...

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