November 3, 2016

What beautiful energy these cards bring🌈 Emotional fulfillment!!! Love, laughter, and family(or friends)... what more can we ask for? There is celebrations in order. .

Are you excited for the upcoming holiday season?

Getting to visit with loved ones?

Getting some beautiful unexpected news?!

That is what today is about. Embrace everything, love hard, and celebrate the little things. Life is beautiful. ❤️ #love #family #emotions #celebrate #news #crystals #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #dailytarot #holidays #positivevibe #happilyeverafter #silverlining

October 19, 2016

You are confused on what path to take in the future. You feel stuck on where your focus or goals should be. Questions of "what will be the most beneficial direction for me to take?" I can feel worry of wasting your time on something that won't be worth while. I can see you have put a lot of your dreams on the back burner. 

Rhiannon is here to give advice of weather positive or negative, you manifest the outcome. Maybe you chalked up your dreams to unattainable, not the right time or unrealistic. You cut your self short when you cut your self down like this. There is a reason you have these desires after all. What feels good to you? What feels right? This is what you should be putting your energy into. The future is closer than you think, so have a plan. Visualize and get clear on what you truly want and need right now.

October 12, 2016

Ixchel (ISH-shell) is all about healing. She is giving a message that physically, emotionally, situationally or spiritually, healing is occurring today. This c

October 5, 2016

Can you feel the over whelming joy and love ❤️?

Weather this is intimate and spiritual, a new developing relationship or some amazing news... beautiful things are happening right now. There is a certain peace in today's reading. The future looks bright and you are overflowing with gratitude and hope.

From yesterday's restriction to today's new realization, proof that everything can change in an instant. Isn't that an amazing omen for the middle of the week?! 

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