October 23, 2017

Life is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. This week it look like your on a high note (or climbing that way.) We are reestablishing balance in our life, (thanks to your Libra moon that just pasted). 

Community, friendship or family are breathing life into recent situations that have been very difficult for you, or areas in your life you feel you just fell short. It's this support system, connectedness and emotional deepness that is pulling you out of that funk from the last week or two. The bonds of friendship and/or belonging thicken.

Truth is coming forward this week. Spiritual truth, truth from situations, or someone point blank telling you the truth. You are able to illuminate troublesome areas we were struggling with and able to access deeper levels of wisdom. This is the repeated failed patterns that you cont...

October 9, 2017

This week you will be feeling salty about someone in the work/hobby/ or passion arena. This person is taking credit for your ideas, hard work or being a copy cat. This is frustrating, but do not do anything rash to cut them down to size. Just keep forging ahead on your path with all your innovative ideas and continue to do YOUR thing. Your passion and hard work shines through and you can bet your not the only one noticing this person mirroring you. In fact, your peers also pick up on this and loose respect for that individual.

Don't fret darling , integration speaks to me in two ways! 1.) Don't focus on these energy vampires! This person isn't creative, so no worries, they will NEVER grow to your potential, or even come close. Continue to enrich the lives of others just by doing what love! Keep evolving in your own pr...

October 3, 2017

Hello lovelies.. Here is the weekly reading for October 2nd-8th, 2017 🎃

This is an amazing time to start something new. Right now, creativity is just oozing out of us and we are overflowing with so many ideas!! I see lots of brainstorming and planning, but make sure you actually act upon this inspiration instead of sitting back trying to absorb all of the little details. They will work themselves out as you go. I feel like this is something off the beaten path for you, but it is in the career/ side hustle arena. The ace of wands is an amazing omen for new opportunities presenting themselves, so be ready to say yes. .

Also, sexually we are craving something more risqué and being playful in the bedroom . Let your freak flag fly and those creative juice flow!

Please let me know how this resonates work you. Have a spooky...

October 3, 2017

Happy October, Witches. Here is the monthly draw for October 🎃 


So much is coming through this card. Not only are the seasons transitioning into the dark, we are too. This month you may be met with your shadows: fear, burden and the past. Let the dead fall away. Stop trying to resuscitate old relationships and patterns that haven't been working. There is a reason it hasn't worked thus far, it's already served it's purpose! So, let it go. You can choose to ignore these difficult lessons, but the same issues will keep haunting you until you decide to do the work. I see a shift in perspective and amplified spirituality. ✨This month will be full of stresses; but in order for for a gem to be born, first it must be morphed from the pressure

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