September 30, 2016

The status quo no longer comforts you,you yearn for something much larger. Something that will nourish the soul. Have patience in these findings of your true purpose. While your trying to balance your everyday tasks/job, it almost feels like torture because you are SO done with this phase. You are plain ready for the new age and readily awaiting to start the next journey. You look back at all the time you have toiled away on efforts that never filled you on a soul level. It was all very surface wasn't it? It's okay. That was then, and you are here now. That is the first step. I can see you seeking your true gifts and searching your soul for a different direction. 

Now ask the universe to reveal your soul purpose. The answer may have been under your nose the whole time. It is something that has always lived inside of you...

September 29, 2016

Both my cards flew out of the deck today while I was shuffling. Universe had messages to give out and needed it done swiftly.

Energy of Today: The 10 of hearts

 The theme is emotional fulfillment. Our dreams have transformed, along with how we each have been moving through these personal changes. New thoughts are occurring of what will make you complete and happy.  We have new ideas of what our ‘Happily Ever After’ should look like. This year has been a year of change and endings. So, it is no surprise that our needs have also been replaced. We have a strong connection to our children and our ancestors/parents right now. There are thoughts on what legacy we will leave, or that was left for us.

Advice of Today: Raven

 Raven is reminding us that we are in control of our destiny. Utilize your power to create the emotional...

September 28, 2016

There is definitely some love in the air today. Relationships, weather they are romantic or family, are being put on the forefront today. We are examining these very closely and showing gratitude for these people in our circle. You are feeling emotionally full. Today there is less practical thoughts and more wishful thinking. I see the heart and third eye chakra's are working together. 

Mother Mary is all about keeping the faith. She wants you to continue to stay positive and know that your manifestations are in the works and the universe will answer all your request. There are some success, weather healing or abundance. Don't put effort into a whim of what will only help you temporarily. Miracles are on their way! Be open to spiritual intervention today and acknowledge when you see a sign of angelic/spiritual guides pre...

September 27, 2016

TUESDAY 9-27-2016 

There has been a completion of some kind recently, and the cycle is now done. You need to listen to your inner wisdom to move in a direction that will best suit you. 

Two major cards show me a transition is in progress. The World highlights that life will never be the same. Perhaps it's the knowledge you recently gained is the reasoning behind why you have internally/spiritually shifted. Your opinions are different. Your views are different. YOU are different, and things can never go back to "normal".

Remember that everything is always changing, once you learn the lesson you were meant to learn, you move on to the next phase. 

Fire Elemental guides us with a message to flow with this changes. Go your own way, and do what truly makes you happy. I can also see that the recent change will either build...

September 27, 2016

New things coming to the shop soon....

This is one of soap batters freshly poured into the mold. With our cold process soap that we make it is timely but worth the wait.

First we heat the oil/butters together, as well as get the lye solution prepared. Working with lye is dangerous and we take safety precautions, so we done burn off a hand... or you know... blow up our house. Once we get both the oil and lye to the same temperature we mix them together until they "trace".

After we make the soap batter, we add the colorants and essential oils. 

Then the fun part! 

Designing how the soap will look. We only have a short time frame to work before the batter becomes too cool to manage. 

Then we pour and set the soap in the mold for 48-72 hours before we unmold the brick. At this time we have to cut the log into bars. Revealing what...

September 26, 2016

Today I was told by spirit to read for the week rather than just the day.

Weekly Draw 9/26 - 10/2

I see that there needs to be some emotional healing for this week. There have been some blows to the self-esteem, your self-confidence. Everything is out of sorts. There is some confusion that is deep rooted within you that is continuously bubbling up that you are trying to find the source of. This attitude has kind of a


energy behind it. 

The cause of why you are probably so out of balance at this time. I can see this week is has a string of very different events than normal that take place. I also sense glimpses of hope occurring within you and your view is shifting from a negative to a hopeful mindset.

I asked for Goddess support and advice for this week and Goddess Sedna came through. She is about infinite...

September 24, 2016

Today's message is simple. After receiving news let yourself process it emotionally. Weather positive or negative news... Just let it sink in before you react. Know that everything is in motion and nothing is permanent. So that 'scary thing' probably a blessing in disguise. #moonlightsapothecary #dailytarot #dailytarot #dailyoracle #tarotreadersofinstagram

September 23, 2016

Autumn has arrived. At this time we are urged to release our negative thinking patterns and replace it with our intuition. As the cycle turns we grow more sensitive to our environment and are in tune with the lessons we've learned over the last cycle. Happy Mabon. #dailydraw #dailytarot #dailyoracle #oracle #mabon #autumnequinox #moonlightsapothecary

September 21, 2016

How fitting that Goddess Abundantia is gracing this reading just a day before Mabon.  Do you see her cornucopia filled with coins?!  Now is a time of reaping what you've sown in the following year. She is pouring this prosperity in the form of ideas, direction and prosperity in all forms. Your fears and worries will fade and be replaced with abundance. You need to be open to these opportunities that are being gifted to you. If you invoke Abundantia you will see evidence of her presence by finding spare change on the floor. 

September 20, 2016

There is a feeling of being suspended in your current situation. There were some careless mistakes made that are now affecting you on an internal level and you are not sure what direction to go. You listened to your impulses over your logic/gut. Now you are at a lost on how to handle up on all of this chaos. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Go ahead and do what's right and stop thinking about it from a selfish stand point. Look at this situation from a pair of fresh eyes to gain clarity. Realize what's best isn't easy, and what's easy isn't best

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