October 27, 2016

All I see is smoke in mirrors in this card. There is hurt lingering within you, and a grudge is being held on to. Mary shows me the need to forgive those who have wronged you; and a need to forgive yourself. Give out love, even to those who don’t deserve it. This is crucial in your evolvement. First you must move forward in order to vibrate higher.💗 

I voice recorded this reading and the time was at 1:44:44. The number 4444 is an angel number and is a confirmation that this message needed to be heard today.Thank you guides for working through me. Are you familiar with angel numbers?

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October 20, 2016

While shuffling all of these cards popped out before I could even attempt to pull any. I absolutely love when spirit does all the work for me, and know that animals have a very important message for us today.

Pelican shows us that we are harboring some hurt or anger. What is haunting your mind? Your attention is being stifled away to this situation or person. Hawk reminds us  that these emotions need to be released so you can focus on what is really important. Set your intentions.

Owl appears to tell you to follow the synchronicity you are being given right now. If you are having difficulties on where your priorities should lay, watch for these little signs and they will guide you in the right direction. What keeps appearing? Even in the most unlikely sequence of events! Pay attention to these signs. *A few ways the unive...

October 12, 2016

Ixchel (ISH-shell) is all about healing. She is giving a message that physically, emotionally, situationally or spiritually, healing is occurring today. This c

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