March 19, 2018

   I always feared my “shadow side”. It drew up demonic images that resided within, and if you awakened her, she would be uncontrollable. My fear was I wouldn’t be able to come back from this. What if doing shadow work takes me under and overpowers me? Is there a murderer lurking beneath the surface? Or maybe I go crazy and abandoned everything I have worked so hard for? I have spent so long working on myself and getting to this mental space. I have kept positive, kept light, sacrificed, transformed, healed, and tucked away the parts of me that were less than desirable! So why would I want to release this box of darkness that may pull me into her current? What I found was the complete opposite.

    When the total lunar eclipse came at dawn, the sun peeked over the earth, kissing the moon, I was in ritual calling out to t...

December 31, 2017

Moon in Cancer/ Sun in Capricorn

Sun, Saturn and Venus all in Powerful Capricorn.

    To begin 2018, we dive deep into this emotional Cancer super moon! Relationships are highlighted now. This energy is good for healing relationships, so be prepared to hammer out old negative patterns in you love life (or ideas of love) that are outdated. It is time to have those uncomfortable conversations you have put off. You may be surprised at how receptive your partner (or self-talk) is at this time. It is time to upgrade your connection's with lovers and friends. If you are single, this is an ideal moon to attract new relationships into your life, and build your new love. A warning to not letting nostalgia of past failed relationships creep into your mind and wreck your mood and twist your perception of the future. Cancer ener...

October 3, 2017

Hello lovelies.. Here is the weekly reading for October 2nd-8th, 2017 🎃

This is an amazing time to start something new. Right now, creativity is just oozing out of us and we are overflowing with so many ideas!! I see lots of brainstorming and planning, but make sure you actually act upon this inspiration instead of sitting back trying to absorb all of the little details. They will work themselves out as you go. I feel like this is something off the beaten path for you, but it is in the career/ side hustle arena. The ace of wands is an amazing omen for new opportunities presenting themselves, so be ready to say yes. .

Also, sexually we are craving something more risqué and being playful in the bedroom . Let your freak flag fly and those creative juice flow!

Please let me know how this resonates work you. Have a spooky...

October 3, 2017

Happy October, Witches. Here is the monthly draw for October 🎃 


So much is coming through this card. Not only are the seasons transitioning into the dark, we are too. This month you may be met with your shadows: fear, burden and the past. Let the dead fall away. Stop trying to resuscitate old relationships and patterns that haven't been working. There is a reason it hasn't worked thus far, it's already served it's purpose! So, let it go. You can choose to ignore these difficult lessons, but the same issues will keep haunting you until you decide to do the work. I see a shift in perspective and amplified spirituality. ✨This month will be full of stresses; but in order for for a gem to be born, first it must be morphed from the pressure

September 30, 2017

  During high school, I got a job at as a receptionist at Massage Envy where my mother worked. At the time she was the manager and going through massage therapy school.  I became a key holder soon after (no thanks to my mom *wink, wink*).  I saw how much of a difference massage therapy made in my life too. When I was 7 I got into a horse riding accident, and since then have always suffered from neck and shoulder pain. The doctors prescribed me muscle relaxers when i was 11, but I got addicted so my mother threw them away after 4 months and my pain was back. When I started getting massages it managed my pain level and improved my mood .  This is where my knowledge for alternative health began.

After I graduated high school, I immediately enrolled into massag...

August 1, 2017

This month, you will go into a deeper level of your needs. I see there is a need for a more spiritual or emotional connection and less emphasis on the material world. You will want to spend time at home with loved ones and stray away from crowds. You crave deeper conversation, rather than surface level chit chat.

The emotional baggage is also a theme, and I see you parting ways with whatever has been haunting you. I feel a BIG urge to just move forward with your life in one form or another. I see Many, many epiphanies coming to you this month during this process.

The wheel of the year tells of big shifts and changes taking place in this month. A new cycle IS about to begin.

This card is also symbolic of today, Lammas/ Lughnasadh, which cerebrates the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

Maat extends her ener...